[Tagging] charging stations

patata patata at espiv.net
Tue Jun 16 10:24:55 UTC 2020

My car has a type 1 connector, and I carry a cable type1 to type2. I
look for a charging station with a socket:type2 but instead of a socket
it has an uncompatible type2_cable because this tag is not available yet.

length=? I'm not sure how to measure this in case it's a spiral, and I
don't see how is it relevant to the issue of cables being tagged as sockets.
In case of ChaDeMo, it's always a cable, so there's no confusion. Please
don't use ChaDeMo as an example.

Either if the charging station has an attached cable or not, its
connector is always female. The male is always on the car, or on the
cable we carry with us. So tagging male/female wouldn't work.

If we accept that if it's a female, then it's a socket, even if it's at
the end of the cable, then the current socket:* makes sense, and we'll
have less changes to make on the already tagged charging stations.

In this case, my new suggestion is to just add a new tag socket:type2_cable

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