[Tagging] Rail segment in a bike route

Francesco Ansanelli francians at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 11:59:32 UTC 2020

Dear Volker and Peter,

I agree with you both...
The question was born for a bike+train (funicular actually), but it can be
implemented in a generic way to fix similar cases.
Insead of interrupting the relation on the railway, we can put the other
public transport one as a member with a "transfer" role.
Of course, I assume the transfer relation will have 1 or 2 common points
with our trip (stops):
let's say a train starts from station A, but we take it at station B with
our bike, we get off at station C, but the last station will be Z.
I don't think this could be an issue, but should be considered for any
future implementation.
Transfer relations should also consider the parent's relation type (ex.
route=bicycle, implies bicycle=yes on the train route).
What do you think?

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