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Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 18:30:25 UTC 2020

I have updated the existing proposal Qanat:

A qanat is a specialized kind of underground aqueduct which is the
traditional way of supplying water in hot and arid climates within limited
distance of a mountain range. It consists of an underground gallery that
drains water from the aquifer at first (collection section) and then
channels it (transport section) along a gentle 1/1000 slope, with a series
of vertical shafts which are artifacts of the building process but also
serve for ventilation and service access, with an opening of the channel
section as it reaches the groundlevel and a further open air canal.

This proposal would:

1) Approve the tag canal=qanat to be used with the existing tags
waterway=canal + tunnel=* to map the course of a qanat, defined as:

"A gently-sloping man-made underground channel for transporting groundwater
via gravity, with shafts visible from the surface."

2) Deprecate the duplicate tag man_made=qanat

That tag (man_made=qanat) has been used several hundred times, but it is
less appropriate to use the top-level feature tag "man_made" for a kind of
canal tunnel.

There is also discussion of a way to tag the qanat shafts as nodes: they
are vertical excavation and maintenance shafts along the course of the
watercourse which are currently mapped as man_made=excavation +

This part could be removed from this proposal if it's debatable, but it
would be nice to approve a way to map the shafts as well, since they are
visible on survey and in aerial imagery.

Please comment here or at

– Joseph Eisenberg
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