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FWIW, the tag shop=pastry was introduced for these, because the tag that
was in use up to then was shop=confectionery where the term seemed to
describe a sweets shop. Now, pastry is probably a term which covers just a
part of all these, literally. In general, it may also be a question what
you want to describe, naturally, all of these sell different kind of
products, according to the local tradition.

Generally, in Italy the term is "pasticceria" and also "gelateria"
(artisanal ice cream maker), as the latter are officially considered a
subtype of "pasticceria" (you can also often/sometimes find pasticcerias
which sell icecream they produce during the summer, although many gelateria
shops will only sell ice cream, or might additionally sell sweet bakery
which includes ice cream, e.g. semifreddo (half cold), ice cream
sandwiches, etc..

Sometimes, there are mixed places, which sell both, bread and salty bakery
together with sweet bakery (typical in Germany), and there are of course
also huge differences in the types of products ("simpler sweet bakery will
often be present in a pasticceria, while more sophisticated products may be
more probably limited to "pure" pasticcerias (or Konditorei in Germany). A
normal "bakery" in Germany will usually also sell simple sweet bakery
products ("Kuchen"), while a "Bäckerei Konditorei" will more probably have
a bigger selection and more elaborated "Torten".

One distinction (subtag / property) could be whether they have products
with cream, or more stuff like cookies.

Furthermore, there are also pasticcerias which specialize in regional
products (e.g. pastry from Sicily, also outside of Sicily in other places,
e.g. Cannoli: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannoli e Cassata
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassata and cassatina:

Also in Germany (and probably elsewhere), you will find different kind of
products according to the region.

Another type of sweet bakery products, from the middle east and north
africa. Turkey and central asia, but which can also be found in Central
Europe quite often, is Baklava: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baklava

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