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Sun Jun 28 19:03:30 UTC 2020

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020 at 18:51, Gábor Fekete <fekgabimr at gmail.com> wrote:

Me too.  A cukrászda is definitely not a cafe in my opinion. A cukrászda
> surely offers a wide variety of self-made sweets, probably coffee too. A
> cafe, tagged with cuisine=cake, probably has a limited selection of cakes
> (from unknown source).

So one offers home-made cakes and the other may offer home-made cakes
(the few cake-only cafes I'm aware of around here offer home-made
cakes) or may not.  I'm not sure that merits a different value of main
tag.  They both sell cakes.

> And what about the tourist, who makes a 30-minute side trip to go to a
> coffee shop to eat some sweets, and finds only two kinds of marlenka in a
> paper box?

That's what cuisine=* is for.  That's what Google is for.  That's what
Yellow Pages
is for.  That's what TripAdvisor is for.

> I share the opinion that some cukrászda*s* are not shops, they should be
> tagged as amenity (but not amenity=cafe).

>From where I'm sitting, they quack like cafes.  Cafes with very limited
choices of
cuisine, but still cafes.  Some of them are cafes selling home-made
but they still quack like cafes.  They are cafes I would avoid
diabetes) just as I would avoid vegetarian cafes (I don't like their menus)
I would be delighted to find those things specified by cuisine=* so I could
avoid them.  I still don't see them as being not-cafes.

I like Indian food, so I think it would be great if Indian restaurants had
special tagging and icons to let me find them more easily.  But they're
just restaurants with a special type of cuisine.  So if I'm in a strange
town and feeling hungry I can look for restaurants on the map and check
their cuisines.

You've not convinced me that these things are anything other than cafes with
a special cuisine.  They're not even unique to your part of the world, we
them here: cafes that serve home-made cakes, some beverages and nothing

You've not convinced me that this is a square peg/round hole situation.  It
seems more like a square peg/square hole situation.  Is there anything sold
in cukrászdas that isn't sold in cafes/pastry shops?  Is there anything sold
in cafes that only sell pastries/pastry shops that isn't sold in cukrászda

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