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> > It doesn't explicitly say alcoholic beverages, so it doesn't fit pubs.
> To decide the kind of place I would not look whether a place sells alcohol
> or not,

I think for somewhere to be a pub that alcohol must be on sale.

as this is not a question of typology but if drug legislation (e.g. in
> Germany but also in Italy, most places will sell you alcohol, you do need a
> license AFAIK, but it seems it is not difficult to get). You can get
> alcohol at gas stations, at Mc Donald’s, at fast food places, pubs,
> supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes, bars, pubs, etc.

Licensing is a little stricter in the UK.  At least for consumption on the
Off sales are another matter.  Still controlled, but I was surprised to
find a local
butcher was licensed (but it also sells vegetables, so arguably is
providing all
you need for a meal at home).  I'm not aware of any takeaways near me
to sell alcohol.

> > I doubt the economics are so different that meals aren't more profitable
> > than drinks.
> from what I heard, drinks are more profitable than meals, restaurants make
> a significant part of their profit with drinks

>From what I heard (son of a pub landlord) the pub made a lot more money on
meals than drinks.  But that may be more to do with the decline in people
going to pubs to drink.

> btw, this whole conversation is partly offtopic because we are now
> focusing on cafe and fast food, restaurant etc while the thread is mainly
> about “sweet bakeries”.

It's on meta-topic though.  Examining the problems with existing tagging
and fitting square pegs into round holes to give us analogies to help
(or possibly obfuscate) the original problem.

BTW, until recently there was a combined cafe and art gallery near me.  Not
separate rooms, but one big room.  Paintings for sale on the walls of the
sculptures for sale on shelves and window ledges.  Is it a cafe with an art
gallery or an art gallery with a cafe?  From the outside it looked like a
apart from the sign saying "Pendre Art" (Pendre is the name of the road it
was on).

Real life is a lot blurrier than our nice, crisp carto.

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