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On Mon, 2020-06-29 at 12:52 +0100, Paul Allen wrote:
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> > While it might be used in Paul’s area, McDonalds is not a cafe
> > where I am from, and would put money on most British people calling
> > it a fast food restaurant 
> I am surprised that there is anywhere in the world that would glorify
> aMcDonalds sit-down area with the term "restaurant."  Candle-lit
> quarterpounders for two?  Would sir like wine with that?
> However, taking another look at the wiki for fast food, I see it
> covers
> sit down as well as takeaway only.  Which surprised me (never having
> had to map a McD).  
Come to think of it there isn't one in Aberystwyth even?

> For me there is a very, very big distinction between
> a takeaway-only place and somewhere you can sit down to eat. 
> Counter-only
> service is not a biggie.  Speed of the food is somewhat important but
> speed
> is a continuous variable, even at a single establishment: I can go to
> a
> chip shop and, if there's no queue, have my order filled in under a
> minute;
> or I can go in and they've run out of chips and I have to wait 10
> minutes
> while they fry more.  Whether or not I can sit down out of the rain
> matters far more to me.

McDonalds is definitely fast food, it certainly doesn't fit either the
UK or continental definition of a cafe.

Whilst it has tables it is definitely a take away where you can choose
to sit down or walk out with your food, fast food with seating=yes is a
better definition. 

In Welsh McDonalds this is slightly different as you are charged for
paper bags so do have to specify when ordering, or take your own bag.
At Chirk drivethrough it is amusing to see Big Macs being passed to the
driver one at a time .

Phil (trigpoint)
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