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Tue Jun 30 17:27:16 UTC 2020

On Tue, 30 Jun 2020 at 17:55, Niels Elgaard Larsen <elgaard at agol.dk> wrote:

> From the point of a user, when I am about driving with my wife and we want
> to stop
> for a nice lunch, I search for cafes and restaurants somewhat nearby. If
> we drive 10
> Km to end up at a McDonals-like place we will be disappointed.

Sounds about right.  Depends on how tight money is, what sort of ambience
you want, and how hungry you are.  Then again...

I've been in situations where the only place nearby I could get a sit-down
meal was McDonalds.  I wasn't thrilled by that, but I preferred it to the
nearby Subway (food cold, no seats).  And I was in one situation where I
hadn't eaten all day, it was mid-afternoon and the only place with seats
selling food was KFC.  I'm not a fan of chicken, especially when it's
been sat under a heat lamp for far too long.

>From my perspective, the major split is between seats and no-seats.
If I'm on foot, and it's cold or raining, seats are what I'm looking for.
Only then do other factors influence my decision.

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