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Am Sa., 29. Feb. 2020 um 06:55 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <
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> I don't see a clear distinction between student accommodations and
> other residential areas.
> In California there are many "mini-dorms" and private student housing
> buildings which are not located on the University campus or operated
> by the university. Would theybe tagged amenity=student_accommodation?

you should decide this based on your local knowledge. IMHO, it could be
possible, particularly if we are speaking about bigger facilities (more
than just a handful of apartments). Are they reserved to students, or are
there simply mostly students? The aim is not to tag any place where
students live, but to tag those places specifically (and usually
exclusively) created for students.

> What about a Sorority or Fraternity?

I have no idea, how are you tagging them currently?
In an area where I am familiar with they are tagged like this:


and also

The latter seems (acceptable) fallback tagging for the renderer, the former
more specific tags for fraternities. These might also provide student
accommodation to their members, but there is more to it than just
"accomodation" (basically you become member for your lifetime and will
support following generations, plus quite some political opinions you'll
likely share with your comrades, etc.).

> I think it's sufficient to map a building for a single student
> dormitory, or use a named landuse=residential area for a larger, named
> "residential college" or "housing unit" which contains several
> buildings but has one commonly-used name.

This approach is
a) setting the landuse in stone and preventing further details / splitting
of landuse according to the use of land
b) not suitable to cope with situations where facilities are shared between
different features and situations where the facility is not sitting on a
residential landuse (e.g. only some floors).

Generally, what the proposal wants to map, are institutional student
accomodations (sites). These are orthogonal to landuse and buildings
(sometimes), as they may occupy only parts of a building, be represented as
a node, or include outdoor spaces (site).

> Note that landuse=residential is commonly used with a name=* tag to
> map named apartment complexes which have several buildings, in
> California, Singapore and Indonesia at least.

IMHO it is something we should work on. Residential compounds / aparment
complexes could get there own tagging orthogonal to landuse.

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