[Tagging] Criticism of PTv2 (was: Feature Proposal - RFC - Public Transport v3)

Alan Mackie aamackie at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 21:00:44 UTC 2020

On Mon, 9 Mar 2020 at 11:30, John Doe <music.kashish at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is quite off-topic, but I can't bear to read more completely
> unfounded criticism of PTv2.
> I hereby declare that I find the old tags to be a complete abomination (Is
> it on the way? Is it beside the way? Is it a stop, a platform, a halt, a
> station? Why is a platform or a bus stop a railway or a highway?), and PTv2
> tags to be very consistent and comprehensible in comparison. Indeed, this
> thread has motivated me to stop using legacy tags entirely - to hell with
> Carto and other legacy consumers.

So it's better to label them all as platforms? I can't see any raised area
in a typical bus stop:

Why would we tag it as if it looks like this?

The section for buses on the main public transport page says: "If there is
no real platform ... the location of the bus stop sign ...  gets ...
public_transport=platform. " I.E. If there is no platform, make one up. How
is that more logical than highway=bus_stop for "there is a bus stop here"?

As for 'why is  a bus stop a highway' do you also suggest we scrap the
tagging for traffic lights, road signs, crosswalks etc. etc?

If tram stops (as described on the wiki) are accessible from both sides and
> it makes sense to put them on the way, then PTv2 is very much justified in
> creating an umbrella tag for stops which are placed on the way. I don't
> understand why the critics of PTv2 seem to think stop positions are such a
> big deal - they are optional!

They are largely imaginary for most types of transport. Most public
transport experiences centre around where the people stand not when the
driver slams on the brakes.

> Platforms are where passengers wait.
> Stations are places with many platforms.
> Stop positions are where vehicles stop - an optional alternative to using
> platforms, included for backward-compatibility.
> And the feature is not confounded with the vehicle that serves it, nor the
> infrastructure provided. A platform is a platform regardless of shelter,
> bench, or tactile paving.

A platform is a platform, a perfectly flat bit of sidewalk isn't.
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