[Tagging] Criticism of PTv2

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>> > A platform is a platform, a perfectly flat bit of sidewalk isn't.
>> +1
>> DaveF
> In the sense of bus, sidewalk could be a platform because they are raised
> from the driving road surface. You can google "bus platform" and see many
> example of the word being used in real world.
I'll buy into that for the ones with the special raised kerb that some
buses can get more or less level to, and for specially constructed ones in
bus stations, but not for an unmodified area. I suspect in many regions
it's barely higher than the road camber and despite the difficulty for
wheelchairs etc, wouldn't normally be seen as "raised" by your hypothetical
"average person".

For me that Google search returns images that tend towards the "more
heavily modified" end of the spectrum, but who knows what sort of
personalisation they're running.

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