[Tagging] landuse meadow getting the right description emphases

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 05:36:56 UTC 2020

Unfortunately, a slight change to the description on the wiki will not
stop mappers from using landuse=meadow for a wide variety of features.

Currently there is even a tag meadow=perpetual for "meadows which are
maintained by natural environmental conditions", which I would
normally tag as natural=grassland.

However, I do think that the description needs to say that it is
mainly covered in grass and similar non-woody plants

There are many areas of rangeland in semi-arid regions where the main
vegetations is scrub or dwarf scrub (bushes and dwarf shrubs), where
the primary landuse is grazing cattle or sheep. These areas are not
tagged as landuse=meadow, because they are not a meadow or pasture:
there is not much grass. Many of them can be tagged as natural=heath
or natural=scrub, describing the semi-natural vegetation.

The presence of mainly grass (or sedges, clover, other herbaceous
plants) is just as important as the presence of grazing or occasional
hay-cutting, to define a meadow or pasture.

- Joseph Eisenberg

On 3/15/20, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> The present description of landuse=meadow is;
> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily vegetated by grass and other
> non-woody plants, mainly used for hay or grazing.
> That places the land cover before the land use. The emphases should be on
> the land use, the land use should be first?
> Possibly a better description:
> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily used to produce hay or for
> grazing of animals. Usually vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants.
> I am trying to get mappers not to use this for areas of grass land that
> could be more appropriatly tagged natural=grassland.
> Thoughts?

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