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Gah.  Using a laptop and the keys are not quite where I expect them.
Sorry for the partial message.

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>> Communal bins in parks etc for the disposal of hot ash or single-use
>> tray barbecues. Unable to find the appropriate tag in the wiki or
>> taginfo. Suggestions?
> amenity=waste_basket (or waste_disposal if it's very big) + waste=*
> seems to be the way to go.  There is an abandoned proposal to
> use rubbish=* instead of waste=* but that doesn't seem to

 be very popular.  Two uses as opposed to be 56,000.

I can't think of a good term that includes hot ash and hot tray bbqs.
Hot ash alone would be waste=hot_ash, then you can use
a semi-colon to add the value for the tray (except I can't think of
a good term for that on its own).

I'd have said that nobody would discard the tray while it's hot
because it would burn their fingers.  But then I remembered
how stupid some people can be.

For about a year, one of the dwellings in my terrace was occupied by
a pair of chavs.  Chavs who felt they would appear more sophisticated
if they cooked with tray bbqs, not in the privacy of their back garden
but out front where everyone could see.  The first time they did it,
they put the tray on the ground, which was asphalt, with the
result you might expect.  The second time they spotted the
wooden chair of their next door neighbour, so they put the
tray on that, leaving a nice char mark.  There were some
small concrete slabs out front, left by the builders, but the idea of
using one of those never occurred to these people.

waste=put_your_hot_bbq_trays_here_you_idiots perhaps?

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