[Tagging] Addresses with PO Box, and other delivery type addresses.

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Sun Mar 22 21:44:44 UTC 2020

Am 20.03.2020 um 16:38 schrieb Paul Allen:
> On Fri, 20 Mar 2020 at 13:50, Tobias Wrede <list at tobias-wrede.de 
> <mailto:list at tobias-wrede.de>> wrote:
>     I don't get your point here. Either someone wanted a package
>     delivered to his residence. In that case they gave the wrong
>     address information to the delivery guys.
> Around here, the delivery guys get it wrong even when they have the full
> address and no PO boxes involved.  The problem comes when the package
> is addressed to the PO box and then the delivery guys do the "last mile"
> getting it from the PO Box to the physical location, and get that wrong.
It seems I have a different understanding of the concept PO box. Around 
here if you have a PO box mail is delivered there and you go yourself 
pick it up, convenient for people who are rarely at home or get huge 
amounts of mail. In more rural areas I have seen letter boxes in one 
central point of a several km2 area or a box/bag at the next major road 
where mail is delivered to. Again you go there yourself to pick it up.

I must admit I fail to understand your kind of PO box. One delivery 
company delivers to the PO box (which address/location is known) and 
then some other guys pick the mail up there and take it to your home 
which they don't know anything about? Sounds strange to me.

Regardless of type of address shouldn't a shipment not always have the 
receiver's name on, too?

>     But as long as we tag phone numbers, websites, fax numbers etc. I
>     cannot see why we should discourage it, either.
> If we're just mapping things that a paper map shows, we wouldn't map 
> post/zip
> codes either.  In some cases this other information, even PO Box, is 
> useful,
> so people WILL map it.  It's better we come up with a way of doing it than
> have all those people come up with their own way.
I don't say we should do as a paper map creator does. I see why we map 
phone numbers: I am  in an unfamiliar area, look for a restaurant on the 
map, find one and then call ahead to see if they can accommodate me. If 
it's the day before I might look up the email address and drop them an 
email. But I see really rare cases where I would find a business on a 
map and then send a letter or parcel there. But as I said I'm fine with 
people tagging delivery a addresses deviating from physical addresses if 
they want to. I just should go in the contact name space in my opinion.


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