[Tagging] Number of route relation errors very much reduced

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:55:04 UTC 2020

On 23/03/2020 10:38, Peter Elderson wrote:
> I am very happy to report that my current check finds very few 
> integrity errors, and the few I see are not caused by using a specific 
> editing tool. Compliments to the "ID-people", you have done it!

> This does not mean ID is now a good route editor. Sorry guys&girls, 
> but for serious route maintenance JOSM still is the only option!
Er, what?  This seems completely at variance with what you just said 
above!  Also, I'm not sure what those of us who mainly use neither iD 
nor JOSM* are supposed to think - maybe we don't exist...

Best Regards (not entirely seriously),


* Potlatch and Vespucci, for info

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