[Tagging] Updating definition and description of place=square

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 18:42:53 UTC 2020

Am Mo., 23. März 2020 um 18:47 Uhr schrieb Greg Troxel <gdt at lexort.com>:

> We need it for en_US, too, because in the US, at least in New England,
> everybody knows what Square means and it is different from what this
> thread is discussing.

Think about pre-60ies urbanism. And "new urbanism", for example.
Here are some examples in New England (I do not know them from visiting,
but they are obvious from looking at the map):
https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/474864229 Union Square

Also this could be a square:

(sorry no time for more examples now)

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