[Tagging] Please fix unnamed square tagging / was: ... description of place=square

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 04:27:52 UTC 2020

> ...the centre of Paris in a Nolliplan: http://www.iad bs.de/site/assets/files/1954/schwarzplan.jpg

> All the areas where the streets widen significantly at junctions with other streets are likely squares (you can’t see the smaller ones in this scale). The surrounding buildings will often accentuate the square (raised corners, main facade to the square etc.)

So is evey street intersecton in the Eixample part of Barcelona a place=square?

"The Eixample is characterized by long straight streets, a strict grid
pattern crossed by wide avenues, and square blocks with chamfered

-- Joseph

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