[Tagging] Which languages are admissible for name:xx tags?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 25 10:31:48 UTC 2020


On 25.03.20 11:19, Phake Nick wrote:
>     My guess is that about 5% of name:xx tags in OSM actually represent a
>     unique name in its own right; all others are either copies of the name
>     tag ("this city does not have its own name in language XX but I want
>     every city to have a name:xx tag so I'll just copy the name tag"), or
>     transliterations (or, worst case, even literal translations).
> Isn't that the function of the key?

Unsure which of my list items you mean - copying the original name is
not the function of the key; a data user can simply fall back to the
name tag if no name:xx is given. Making a transliteration is also not
the the function of the key, since transliterations can be automated.
Making a translation is *certainly* not wanted!

> Adding Klingon name would not cause copyright issue since vocabularies
> are not copyrightable.

If someone adds a name and specifies a source web page, and the source
web page says "all rights reserved", then I will not start a legal

> That is just the same problem with TIGER map data. I don't think anyone
> have ever proposed removing United States data from the OpenStreetMap
> database due to lack of maintainers back then?

Thank you for this comparison. People certainly use TIGER as an example
for not adding more of the same, and a lot of thought has gone into
identifying "TIGER deserts" and how to handle the stale data. If we can
start seeing the name inflation as a problem, stop adding "more of the
same", and develop strategies to deal with stale and possibly incorrect
names, that would already be a huge gain!


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