[Tagging] Which languages are admissible for name:xx tags?

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Thu Mar 26 21:58:07 UTC 2020

Names in OSM map is to show the world reader what each objects are.
Unlike Wikipedia and Wikidata, OSM map everything on the ground.
Let assume the world's common language is now priparaish, and English is
now only spoken by a small insignificant African tribe, and is also the
only language in the world that use latin script. And you as a member of
the English-speaking tribe, trying to navigate the map of the world on the
OpenStreetMap, and see objects everywhere outside the area of your little
tribe are in the format of လူတိုင်းသည် တူညီ လွတ်လပ်သော , do you think you
would be able to read and use the map? If you heard a news which said a
terrorist attack occurred at Ketsumisomewhere in local language, turn to
OpenStreetMap and search for the place name, and then find out there are no
Ketsumisomewhere in the world because your language is deemed spoken by too
few to be worth including into OSM and the only name listed in OSM for the
place is केट्सुमीसोममेरे, do you think it is going to be helpful?
According to OpenStreetMap's mission statement, one of the core value of
OSM is "We want OSM data to be used as widely as possible". You cannot use
OSM data as widely as possible without providing the name of all different
features in all different languages, even if some languages might only be
spoken by relatively few people, they are still human that can digest OSM
data. Do you think it is a good idea not to translate the name of an
"Nofoaga faʻapitoa mo fesoasoani faʻafuaseʻi" object into English because
no one speak English at the place it's established even thought people from
aroind the world travelling there who speak English might come and seek
help at the emergency assistance center?

> If an Indonesian mapper adds name:id=* tags to every village in northern
Finland, how is anyone to confirm that they are right or wrong?
They are to be confirmed by other Indonesian mappers.

在 2020年3月25日週三 22:23,Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com> 寫道:

> > "if the name is otherwise regarded correct by mainstream media or a
> language authority."
> In that case, please add it to wikidata with a reference, but it would
> not be appropriate for Openstreetmap.
> Unlike wikipedia and wikidata, which are based on references and
> citations to "authoritative" sources, Openstreetmap has always been
> designed as a primary source: we map real, current features which you
> can visit in person.
> I agree that names in fictional languages should not be added to
> name:<iso> tags, nor any name which cannot possibly be confirmed to be
> true or false by local mappers.
> If an Indonesian mapper adds name:id=* tags to every village in
> northern Finland, how is anyone to confirm that they are right or
> wrong?
> -- Joseph EIsenberg
> On 3/25/20, Jyri-Petteri Paloposki <jyri-petteri.paloposki at iki.fi> wrote:
> > On 25.3.2020 12.58, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> >> In terms of our traditional values and principles active use of the name
> >> is not the necessary criterion, it is verifiable local knowledge.  Like
> >> with any kind of names practical verification of names would be
> >> possible by inquiring about the name to people locally.  This
> >> essentially means the following practical requirements:
> >>
> >> * there being a sufficient number of people present locally that
> >> speak/write the language in question.  Those don't have to be people
> >> living there, it can also be visitors.
> >> * these people knowing the name in said language - being able to look it
> >> up on some external source does not count, that is wikipedia
> >> verifiability, not OSM verifiability.
> >> * these people largely consistently agreeing on the same name.
> >
> > I slightly disagree with this one. IMO a name in a foreign language
> > would be admissible if it is recognised by native speakers of the
> > language either back home or in the local community OR if the name is
> > otherwise regarded correct by mainstream media or a language authority.
> >
> > I recently checked if the foreign cities listed in the Finnish Wikipedia
> > as having a specific Finnish name were correct in OSM. I stumbled upon
> > Yokohama, for which I didn't know there's a Finnish wording (Jokohama).
> > However once I saw it, it definitely is understandable and clearly
> > Finnish. It is also used by the Finnish mainstream media[1] and endorsed
> > by the Institute for the Languages of Finland[2], which is the authority
> > responsible for recommendations concerning the Finnish language. Still,
> > if asked, I wouldn't have instantly been able to recognise the name as
> > correct despite being a native Finnish speaker.
> >
> > 1) https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10956002
> > 2) http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/haku/jokohama/ohje/633
> >
> > Best regards,
> > --
> > Jyri-Petteri Paloposki
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