[Tagging] What language is the name tag value? Was: Which languages are admissible for name:xx tags?

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Thu Mar 26 23:51:07 UTC 2020

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> On 26. Mar 2020, at 23:54, Tod Fitch <tod at fitchfamily.org> wrote:
> 2. Create a scheme where a default language can be set on boundaries as has been suggested by Joseph Eisenberg [4]. This has the advantage that relatively few objects need to be tagged, for example it might be possible that only one tag could be used to cover the continental United States. But it falls apart for features that are on the boundary between multiple language areas (Mediterranean Sea for example)

these could/should be outside of the default language areas as there isn’t a default language. There are also voices to omit name tags without language code in these “international” areas.

> and for areas that are multilingual (Wales for example).

you could state that several languages are the default (even give hints about how they are formatted, provided there are multiple names in one standard name tag, something like ”de / it” (or including language and script)), or you’d have overlapping areas for languages (and maybe scripts)

> In addition, it seems that any type of “we should add a default for an administrative area” proposal that has come up here has been rejected or “bike shedded” into oblivion.

the language areas must not necessarily be administrative areas (although it would clearly simplify adding and maintaining them), for example there could be a single (multi)-polygon for France and part of Belgium.

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