[Tagging] Which languages are admissible for name:xx tags?

pangose at riseup.net pangose at riseup.net
Fri Mar 27 09:27:06 UTC 2020

On March 25, 2020 2:08:33 PM GMT+01:00, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 at 10:02, <pangose at riseup.net> wrote:
>> Honestly I don't think it makes sense for OSM to have names at all on
>> objects which has a Wikidata reference.
>Not all mappable objects have a Wikidata reference.  Cities and big
>Villages and hamlets, most but not all.  Even where a wikidata
>not all languages are given, even when some are actually used by

Would it be a problem to add them to WD?

>I live in Wales.  Wales is multilingual, Welsh and English.  For some
>and villages there is no English Wikipedia page, just a Welsh one.  The
>Wikidata items for Welsh-only Wikipedia pages often have only the Welsh
>The road signs have both Welsh and English on them.
>Some of the small hamlets don't have a Wikipedia page at all, and no
>item either.

This is not a problem, it could be created down the road by you or someone else. Until then we keep the names as we currently do.

>There is no Wikidata item for the short street around the corner from
>road sign says "Heol Napier / Napier Street" (the "/" isn't on the
>sign, I'm
>using it to represent a line break).  If that sign were replaced, it
>instead say "Heol Napier Street."  There are a lot of mappable objects
>which don't have Wikidata items yet require names in at least two
>languages just to satisfy the people that live there on a permanent
>We can't rely on Wikidata in multilingual localities.

I disagree. We could even add a property to WD stating the name on the ground, e.g. in your example "Heol Napier / Napier Street"

We could even model the newline by making two ranked statements.
local_name_on_ground=Heol Napier + rank=1
local_name_on_ground=Napier Street + rank=2

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