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> On 27. Mar 2020, at 13:36, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to came back to the proposal of using place=square with the addition of the type of the square as a second key where we can accommodate  the various interpretations according the local varieties.

I agree that from a German point of view, there are different common types of squares, namely Schlossplatz, Rathausplatz, Marktplatz, Torplatz, maybe Festplatz(I’d tend to put these in a different category), Bahnhofsvorplatz, Vorplatz in general (e.g. in front of a sports stadium or theatre, courthouse, etc.), Kirchplatz
These are all referring to the “reason” of the square (either what is happening on the square or the building for which it was built).

In Italy, there’s a typology that is functional but also about size: piazzale (big open space, not necessarily with the urbanistic function of a piazza), piazza: representative open space at the end of a street (usually bordered by significant buildings), often a junction of several streets, piazzetta is a small and typically quiet square, a “largo” is similar to a piazza but with less significance (in particular architectonically) and could sometimes just be a widening of the road.

From these 2 examples how squares (I keep using this word although I am not sure it actually applies) are classified (often in names), which is the approach you had thought about?

Cheers Martin 

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