[Tagging] Which languages are admissible for name:xx tags?

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在 2020年3月27日週五 21:05,Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> 寫道:

> On Fri, 27 Mar 2020 at 12:31, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
>> Pretending that they do isn't a useful concept and yes they typically
>> won't have transliterations either.
> I'm not pretending the street I'm on has a name in Mandarin.  But the
> country I'm in does.  As does the capital of my country.  My town,
> probably not.
> There is valid reason to permit foreign-language names where such exist
> and to permit transliterations where orthography is sufficiently different
> to make the local name incomprehensible.  Duplicating the name=*
> in other languages than the local one(s) isn't sensible.

1. Let say you are on a random street named "East Okmulgee Street". There
are probably no preexisting translation to the street name in Chinese. But
why shouldn't a translation be made? A Chinese monolingual speaker is not
going to read a street that is named as "East Okmulgee Street". It is same
as a English Speaker would not be able to read the name of a street named
"شارع الإمام محمد بن عبدالوهاب" on the map. There are no person speaking
Mandarin in an area doesn't mean Mandarin speakers from around the world
wouldn't have a chance to look at the map of your place.
Transliteration make no sense in such scenario either. Like the Arabic
street name I just quoted can be transliterated into "sharie al'imam
muhamad bin ebdalwhab" but this is not going to make any sense or help
English speakers in any tangible way to know where they are. They need to
be translated into the English name, which is "Imam Muhammad bin Abdul
Wahab Street", for general English speaking reader to understand the name
of the street.
2. As for duplicating local name, as previously stated, how else are you
going to tell whether the absence of alternative language key is intended
or not? And how can you tell whether a fallback is desirable or not? If a
monolingual English user is navigating a map feature with the following
name=ཁྲོམ་གཟིགས་ཁང་། 小昭寺
How can the map software know whether they should transliterate or
translate or simply display the values in the original form because it
might be intended?

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