[Tagging] Route names that aren’t names

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Sat Mar 28 21:56:21 UTC 2020

Dave Fox wrote:
> I'm not sure I'm seeing the problem. What /is/ the "actual" name 
> for UK cycle routes?
> NCN 4 is named as National Cycle Network Route 4 as that's what 
> Sustran call it.
> I'm not convinced names & refs *have* to be mutually exclusive.

Sure. NCN 4 is called "NCN 4" in the same sense that the M4 is called the
"M4". That's fine - plenty of people refer to it that way. But OSM
convention, dating back 15ish years, is that in situations like this, you
put the number in the ref alone. The M4 just has ref=M4, not name=M4.

There are of course plenty of NCN routes which do have names. NCN 8 is Lon
Las Cymru. NCN 68 is the Pennine Cycleway. NCN 4 west of the Severn Bridge
is the Celtic Trail. NCN 1 from Newcastle to Edinburgh is Coast & Castles. 

(It's a side-issue, but Sustrans doesn't really have a consistent way of
referring to route numbers: you'll hear Sustrans staff refer to "Route 5" or
"NCN 5" or "National Cycle Network Route 5" or "National Route 5". I was at
a video conference with Sustrans staff earlier this week and heard several
variations. :) ).


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