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>> On 29. Mar 2020, at 18:24, Greg Troxel <gdt at lexort.com> wrote:
> Really, it seems like
> you are trying to shoehorn european definitions into US naming when it
> is just not the way it is.

Frankly, I am not really familiar with the situation in North America (besides some lessons about North American urbanism I have heard 20 years ago). I am aware there are some developments that imitate 19th century architecture, so even if many or most of the traditional city centers have been razed in the sixties, I would still expect to find at least some squares in north america.

If you have a look at the wikipedia article on Times Square, it also mentions its nature as a town square: “ Times Square functions as a town square”

It is also a model example in that it lies at the junction of import streets and is emphasized by the adjacent architecture.

The existence of squares is not a recent or European invention, for example you’ll find squares in arabic or Chinese cities as well (you’ll indeed find them almost everywhere), here’s a list of some famous squares worldwide: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_city_squares

Supposedly we would not want to have different specific top level place tags for neighbourhoods, depending on name components, so using place=square for neighborhoods seems not a sensible interpretation of the tag, I guess we can agree on this?

Cheers Martin 

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