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> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Unifying-playground-equipment-tagging
> Proposal:
> I propose the key playground to be deprecated and the use of key
> playground:* instead. That would mean that on both playground and
> playground equipment objects in OSM the key playground:* applies. This
> then would also allow to map playgrounds and their equipment in
> situations where a playground just has one equipment and this equipment
> fills up the whole area of the playground.

You are proposing to abandon the distinction between playgrounds and
implicit features on them (properties) and things on a playground
(explicitly mapped playground equipment as a feature).
Wouldn't this move make it actually harder, rather than simpler, to
understand what is represented?

Usually we are advocating for the contrary: using different keys for
features provided by other features (properties) and features mapped
explicitly. In this case, it is already like this, and you do not provide
(IMHO) sufficient arguments to change it.

Redefining tags that are in use (properties for playgrounds then could also
represent explicit features) is generally problematic, why aren't you
proposing different tags as an attempt to avoid confusion?

I do not understand why this would make mapping easier or less error prone.
You will find tags that are not used as documented for any feature.

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