[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - (Unifying playground equipment tagging)

Sören Reinecke tilmanreinecke at yahoo.de
Mon Mar 30 18:02:03 UTC 2020

> The current system seems to make sense.

It makes sense but it seems that it is also much error-prone because it
is easy to oversee one sentence in the wiki of Key:playground:* and
Key:playground that makes the difference (pointing the case where the
key should be applied)

> If you have a leisure=playground feature, probably mapped as an area,
you can tag it with a list of tags like "playground:slide=yes",
"playground:swing=yes", to show what equipment is available.

> If you want to map a slide or a swing as a separate feature, you tag
it "playground=slide", or "playground=swing"

> What is the problem with this?

No problem with it. This is alright. But Key:playground shouldn't
combined with Tag:leisure=playground .

> Re: > " I want to combine them to help to decrease tagging errors."

> How will that help? What errors are you commonly finding?

For example: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/137931618 . In this case
Key:playground was used to tag playground equipment on the playground
object itself. But for such cases we use Key:playground:* . This is one
example of many.

> Re: > This would allow to map playgrounds and their equipment in
situations where a playground just has one equipment and this
equipment fills up the whole area of the playground.

> Mappers can tag "leisure=playground" + "playground=structure"  on the
same node or area in this case, right?

The Wikipage for "Key:playground" says the following: "It should be
tagged to separate objects within the area of a playground". An
exception is given with "Only when the position of the individual
objects cannot be mapped yet" at the really end of the page. But for
such cases where we cannot map playground equipment as an extra object
we have the Key:playground:* .


Sören Reinecke alias Valor Naram

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