[Tagging] Tag:amenity=motorcycle_taxi not approved

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu May 7 18:49:43 UTC 2020

The voting period closed for amenity=motorcycle_taxi with 11 votes to
approve and 8 votes in opposition, therefore it is not approved, since the
74% majority requirement was not met.


Opposing voters preferred using amenity=taxi + motorcycle=yes or
amenity=taxi + taxi=motorcycle

Surprisingly, at least 2 opposing voters would be willing to use
amenity=taxi + taxi=submarine or taxi=airplane for a location where you
could hire a submarine or airplane.

However, several "yes" voters were strongly opposed to expanding the
definition of amenity=taxi which currently is limited to taxicabs
(generally assumed to be 4-wheel motor vehicles in contemporary British

So, what's the next step?

1) Propose using taxi=motorcar, =motorcycle, =boat, =airplane, and get that
idea officially rejected (it appears it would be certain to fail), or is
that a waste of everyone's time?

2) Make a proposal to clarify the definition of amenity=taxi as only
applying to motorcars, then try to propose the tag again?

3) Propose amenity=ojek and just hold the vote in the Indonesian community,
like how the Japanese mapper community proposes locally-relevant

4) Give up on mapping things which are not found in western Europe, and
recognize that this is in practice a project dominated by
English/German/American culture, which will not accept new ideas which were
not invented in the West?

-- Joseph Eisenberg
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