[Tagging] entrance/door tagging, node not included in the building way

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Tue Nov 3 21:23:38 UTC 2020

Am Di., 3. Nov. 2020 um 17:38 Uhr schrieb Samuel BRAIKEH <
samuel.braikeh at uca.fr>:

> But writing to the "tagging" list, it is about a particular tagging case !
> :) Here is a concrete example with this node:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?node=3843013022#map=19/45.77457/3.08758
> (many nodes in this neighbourhood have similar characteristics).
>    - It has a housenumber tag, and is associated with a street through a
>    relationship (house).
>    - However, the point is not part of the building way.
> We want to add the *entrance* and *door* attributes, and possibly address
> attributes if necessary.
> Which strategy do you think is the most relevant ?
>    -
>    give door / entrance tags to this point, leaving it free
>    -
>    integrate the point into the building way, keep the point-street
>    relationship
>    -
>    integrate the point into the building way, remove the point-street
>    relationship, complete with *addr:street*, *addr:city*, *addr:postcode*
>    tags ...
I would integrate the node in the building-way (possibly at the position of
the entrance) and add an entrance=* tag. In the end it depends where the
housenumber and other addressing information is relating to. If it relates
to the whole building, you should integrate the address on the building
outline, if it refers to a specific point (e.g. an entrance door), it
should go on this point.

Regardless of this you can add addr:door tags to doors (where applying).

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