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> On 4. Nov 2020, at 23:30, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Let's summarize the criticism first, and look into the alternative "mourning room"

seems offensive to people who keep their deads outside? You can always have a broader look and ask for more inclusiveness. If we find a less specific term which we can agree on and which is sufficiently specific for our needs, even better (would be interesting to hear a few voices with  different cultural backgrounds than christian, e.g. India, are there “indoor mourning spaces”?).

> Also not really suited to a large, dedicated building with more than one room
> for this purpose.  It's that "room" bit that is the problem.


>> ... The euphemistic 'Chapel of Rest' is more generically known as 'Viewing /Visitation Service',
> "amenity=visitatation_service" makes even less semantic sense than
> "amenity=mourning_room."

and it isn’t referring to a place, it’s referring to a service 

>> Indeed, the proposed value contains 'chapel' which is biased to christian religion.
>> It might be used in British English, however that is biased itself for having 
>> Christianity as a cultural background. 
> Congratulations.  You have successfully argued that we must change from
> using British English to the language of a country which has no
> religious cultural background whatsoever.  Offhand, I can't think of
> such a country but why should that stop us?

the argument could have been made with less polemics, but I agree with the baseline: we could have religion specific “main” tags for these specific features where we don’t even know whether they equally exist in different religions, and how they are called. At some point we must use the words that we have to describe the world that we know. If we can get input from other cultures and if it seems there are similar places and “chapel” could be seen as unsuitable, we can adjust it, or more likely add a new specific term for their places, but the discussion has been going on over a longer period of time and nobody from a different background has contributed AFAIR.

> I'd have less of a problem with amenity=mourning.

IMHO the tag should refer to an (enclosed?) space, “mourning” is an activity.

Cheers Martin 
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