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 No one has to guess or derive terms - 'chapel of rest' is a specific
national-ish flavor of the more general service of  'viewing_arrangments'
by the organization responsible for a funeral. The origins of 'chapel of
rest ( and why that specific term was coined and used ) basically were born
out of a public health need - there are a score of excruciating detailed
histories of this in the UK, and some of those also address evolution and
exchange of business models and tech between the UK and USA. The UK
industry histories also discuss the adoption of accommodations of varying
religious customs and class expectations.
Also, the funeral business in a multi-billion dollar global industry with a
presence practically everywhere, it is easy to determine what those
governments, businesses, and customers call 'looking at a corpse in the
time period between dressing / embalming event and the interment /
cremation event.
And I gather sometimes those 'viewing_arrangements' are sometimes as
ostentatious as a Hollywood wedding, or parade permits and venue
arrangements for political figures perhaps tens of thousands of people over
a week. IMHO, using a single word 'viewing' is sufficient because of the
tagging context, but some seem to feel it might be confused with going to
the cinema or some such.

A typical list for a funeral home, consumer guide, product and service
coding looks like this:
Funeral Services:
 - Publishing Arrangements ( Obituary, Death Notices, Posters, Invitations,
Memorial Cards)
-  Facilities Arrangements ( Venue Rentals, etc.)
-  Viewing Arrangements ( Room, Register, Reception, Decoration )
       UK: chapel_of_rest
       US: corpse_viewing
       FR: chambre_mortuaire
-  Floral Arrangements
-  Religious Arrangements ( Clergy, Ritual Supplies, etc. )
 - Catering Arrangements
-  Music Arrangements ( Selection, Tapes, Contracting Musicians )

If you were adding 'viewing' it would seem you would also add those other
equivalent services.

+1 I *approve* this proposal. Distinguishes a *physical building type*
albeit mostly in the UK and former empire ( including historic buildings in
the original USA 13 colonies ) from what is essentially a 'service' offered
that could be provided by various entities and take place in a variety of
venues from temporary conversion of an existing room, dedicated room, or a
specialized separate public structure at cemetery

( See "The Evolution of the British Funeral Industry in the 20th Century:
>From undertaker to funeral director" - "Chapter 2 From Front Parlour to
Funeral Parlour The Development of the Chapel of Rest and Funeral Home"
https://bit.ly/3p0rBSz ).

For the *service* designation, while it is ubiquitous in the UK, according
to *trade journals*, *pricing lists*, and *business offerings*, variations
of 'viewing' are more standard. A sampling of multi-lingual marketing
materials shows that translations of 'viewing' are common with exception of
My suggestion would be '*viewing_arrangements*' as a generic international
term amicable to translation which encompasses the incredibly diverse on
and off premises, public and private, and religious and cultural
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