[Tagging] Basic cartography features missing, why?

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 22:22:42 UTC 2020

On Sat, 7 Nov 2020 at 04:34, Anders Torger <anders at torger.se> wrote:

> ** Due to limitations in area-based name tagging the map looks empty
> just when zoomed out a little, as names disappear almost directly, so
> despite detailed mapping and tagging the overview map is not as useful
> as it could be. While the renderer can and does make proper decisions of
> prominence for bays and strait made as areas, point-based natural names
> often yield strange and misleading maps as vastly different sized areas
> have just a point for the name and no other differentiator, there's no
> way the renderer can make an appropriate render decision as the data is
> not there.

Welcome, Anders.

That is a problem that we encounter all the time in Australia, where there
are huge expanses of empty, & official OSM guidelines mean that not much
shows :-( Can be worked around to a certain extent by tagging for the
renderer by upping villages / hamlets to towns & making country roads
highway=trunk but officially not approved.

On Sat, 7 Nov 2020 at 05:31, Seth Deegan <jayandseth at gmail.com> wrote:

> A gravel area tag/tagging convention is needed. One use I’ve seen is
> highways in particular seem to have gravel separator between the actual
> road and usually grass. Standardizing a area (a way) with just the
> surface=gravel tag could work.
> El El vie, nov. 6, 2020 a la(s) 12:34, Anders Torger <anders at torger.se>
> escribió:
>> ** As a minor note, I've noted there is no good tag for anonymous gravel
>> yards, which there are a lot of here. Abandoned quarry is the closest,
>> but still not right, as only some actually were gravel/sand pits to
>> start with. Those gravel yards are often leftovers from construction
>> work or forestry often even locals don't exactly know when or why they
>> were made. Today they are used mainly used for parking by people being
>> out in nature, but they are not maintained so they are not exactly
>> parking lots either.
Assuming of course that we're talking about the same thing - areas on the
side of the road where gravel was dumped while road work was taking place?
(NB not the same spot! & G Maps used as an example only , not for mapping
blah, blah, blah ...)

These were discussed in the Australia list a little while ago:
with no real consensus but landuse=stockpile + resource=aggregate (gravel /
sand / rock etc) was fairly well received.

Unfortunately, though, that won't render :-(, although a counter suggestion
of landuse=industrial + industrial=stockpile + resource=*** would :-)

Good luck!


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