[Tagging] Basic cartography features missing, why?

Anders Torger anders at torger.se
Fri Nov 6 22:39:03 UTC 2020

Good point, so there's a balance. However, how important is it that
update of the map is immediate for every database update? To me it seems
more desirable to have a higher quality cartography at the price of a
lower update rate. Longer tile generation times won't affect serving
rate, just how quickly you see your edits appear in the map, which by
the way seems to have improved significantly since I started mapping. 

You could argue, that the default style should focus on speed and
commercial third party providers can focus on quality. While I think
that argument has some merit, I see a problem as openstreetmap-carto is
the de-facto driver for general-purpose tagging. If basic cartography
features concerning naming for example doesn't appear on that or are
rendered poorly, mappers won't be motivated to tag properly for it. One
example is making a multipolygon instead of the semantically superior
group, as multipolygon actually renders. 


On 2020-11-06 23:26, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> Am Fr., 6. Nov. 2020 um 23:21 Uhr schrieb Anders Torger <anders at torger.se>: 
>> I have not understood why there are these CPU limits, if it's "just" due to under-financed server infrastructure, or if it is a problem that can't be solved regardless of server infrastructure. As a layman one would think that some of these algorithms could run on GPU clusters these days, but I have no idea... it feels a bit problematic though if the quality of OSM's cartography is held back due to limited server infrastructure.
> if you want to create a map for publishing it, you can also do computationally expensive tasks in the process, but if you are updating and republishing continuously, every minute, you will want to reduce the computational effort. 
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> Martin 
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