[Tagging] Basic cartography features missing, why?

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 19:44:26 UTC 2020

One more thing to consider: generalisation is one of the most
important things for cartography, but it is also extremely important
for vector tiles. 2-3 years ago we've played with government data and
it produced huge (up to 4MB) vector tiles (pbf) for middle scales
(zoom 8-12). Browsers (especially mobile ones) were struggling with
that amount of data. Even moderate generalisation reduced the amount
of data to 0,5M. It is something which is currently brushed under the
carpet as using raster will never produce a tile that large. What I'm
saying here is that generalisation (the real one, not DP) will have to
be done anyways as OSM community is starting to see the disadvantages
of legacy raster maps and is getting used to the idea of vector maps
(for the client, not between servers).

2020-11-07, št, 21:23 Anders Torger rašė:
> (I had to run it in Chrome, it didn't render properly in my Firefox, but
> this vector stuff is new tech and Linux Firefox seems to have some
> issues with that.)

  Strange. Firefox on linux is my primary browser, it is the way I
always use/test *.openmap.lt...

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