[Tagging] Mapping terraced, irrigated farmland (e.g. rice paddies)?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 05:47:23 UTC 2020

Is there a specific tag or method for mapping terraced farmland?

In areas with any amount of slope, terraces are built so that areas of
cropland can be flood irrigated. This is very common in rice-growing
regions, and also used for some other crops which grow best in flooded

The presence of irrigation might be tagged with "irrigation=yes" - this has
been used about 1600 times in combination with landuse=farmland (See
https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/irrigated=yes and

And "crop=rice" is widely used for areas where rice is routinely grown each

But what about the fact that the farmland is built in terraces? Is there an
existing way to map this? There is a key "farmland" with about 100 uses of
"farmland=terraced" and a few of "farmland=paddy" (for rice paddies).
Apparently I used this tag myself a half-dozen times:

Example from Nepal, with aerial imagery in iD:

If a mapper wanted to show every terrace in detail, what would be the best
option? Perhaps man_made=embankment between each layer?

-- Joseph Eisenberg
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