[Tagging] Basic cartography features missing, why?

Ture Pålsson ture at turepalsson.se
Sun Nov 8 14:35:17 UTC 2020

> 6 nov. 2020 kl. 19:31 skrev Anders Torger <anders at torger.se>:
> Hello everyone, newcomer here!

Only marginally related to the discussion, but: For Sweden, you may want to look at the rendering at http://lab3.turepalsson.se/map/ <http://lab3.turepalsson.se/map/> (the generated PDF:s, not the tiles; those are horrible at smaller scales. :-) )

If there’s any data that isn’t rendered but should be. I can probably add that quite easily.

(The data used may be a few weeks old, since I need to trigged rendering DB updates manually.)

 — T

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