[Tagging] Deprecate water=pond?

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:35:03 UTC 2020

I am surprised nobody has suggested a pondness or lakicity scale yet.

Best, Peter Elderson

Op do 12 nov. 2020 om 02:46 schreef stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com>:

> If we're going to do "this:"
> > So perhaps we could create a new tag water=natural_pond for small,
> natural or semi-natural lakes which are currently tagged as water=pond, and
> water=artificial_pond or water=man_made_pond for the majority of water=pond
> features which are clearly not natural, such as ponds in gardens.
> it seems we should ponder (sorry, couldn't resist) the myriad
> possibilities for ponds both artificial AND natural and make a formal
> proposal that "covers all cases," at least as best we can in a formal
> proposal.  This would clarify (sorry, couldn't resist) what they're all
> "used for," as in settling in the case of a wastewater treatment plant,
> decorative as in somebody's backyard garden, natural, as in "shallow,
> nature-created, not-deep-enough to be called lake..." and so on.  Don't
> forget to consider (and document) potential overlap with things like
> leisure=swimming_pool and possibly others.
> We might get a good start on doing this in a talk page, but I think it
> would greatly benefit from the thought that goes into a formal proposal:
> worldwide consideration of the semantic space being described, rather clear
> syntax and namespaces described, how to decide one from the other,
> linguistic differences (as Joseph mentioned there can be a flattening in
> particular languages that might deserve extra clarity), how to migrate from
> existing tagging to the proposed tagging, and all the rest that formal
> proposals treat (what wiki need to update, et cetera).
> I admire Joseph's "tossing here" what he wrote, as it gets things started,
> but I believe the subject is much richer than this.
> It would also focus efforts by those who care and in as much detail and in
> one place as such a specific topic deserves.  While I don't write this to
> discourage posts to this list (I don't, as this list is a valuable place to
> discuss), I have also noticed a trend towards formal proposals.  "Ponds"
> seems like an excellent candidate for one.
> SteveA
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