[Tagging] Proposal to change key:man_made to key:human_made

Michael Patrick geodesy99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 23:28:16 UTC 2020

> mostly because the fact that the man_made tag is clearly a hodgepodge of
> tags that probably should be redefined as separate items.

I pulled down some samples from various areas around the world, and loaded
them into QGIS ( https://bit.ly/3ptp0AG  ).
A lot of the usage was very systematic, and obviously specific to projects,
micro-communities or individuals. Some were seamarks, gauging stations,
cell networks and other infrastructure components. The connotation in those
specialized use contexts is much different than the very generic denotation
one might find in the wiki, for example.
The difficulty is that the tag's meaning isn't isolated and stand alone, it
contributes meaning along with the other tags on the object, so it can aid
in categorization of that set.
For example, sometimes it seemed to refer to the placement base or
foundation ( rock outcrop vs. a building that provides most of the
elevation ), sometimes generalization of the particular material of the
structure ( mounting of stream gauges ), other times as simply a very
generic placeholder until more specific and detailed tagging could occur
when compared to other objects in a set. So basically, there are
potentially as many different specific meanings as features in various
geographical regions it is applied to.- some seemed hyperlocal and others
were sprinkled probably globally. If someone had OSM planet file
super-powers, they could probably be able to roll through changesets to
cluster and inventory the various collections by many iterations of
queries,to assess the impact of a replacement change, but it would be
impossible to know for sure if those results were correct.

Michael Patrick

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