[Tagging] Tagging Cycle Route Relations vs. Ways

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Tue Nov 17 18:56:35 UTC 2020

On Nov 17, 2020, at 7:43 AM, Seth Deegan <jayandseth at gmail.com> wrote:
> A contributor can obtain data from many different sources within each
> changeset. Pushing the tag to the changeset meta data invalidates it's
> limited usefulness when added to individual objects.
> Exactly.

I never said to NOT use source=* tags, they are correctly used on an individual datum if / as it might diverge from a greater set of data that otherwise has another source.  In short, if ALL of the data are from a single source, use a changeset comment to note this.  If not, source=* tags are appropriate.

> I've found published data (from the authority
> authorised to amend the route) are often too inaccurate, out of date or
> lacking in detail to warrant transferring to OSM.

Then, don’t import, curate or transfer them to OSM.  I don’t believe we want "inaccurate, out-of-date or lacking in detail data" in OSM.

> I find the opposite and I mostly map cycle routes that are local and I have personally traveled on (I live in the Chicago metropolitan area). There are just too many sources for trail names and data from forest preserve districts/counties, cities, regional routes, etc. that I make routes from. I can't just remember all of the trail names I come across (I don't survey).

It is good to enter source data when you know them.  However, it won’t be the downfall of OSM if you don’t.

> What I still don't understand is why you all are discouraging the use of source=* tag (or maybe you're not?). Because it seems that it can still be of use to some people. Why not let users know on the Wiki page that they can use the tag if they might find a specific source helpful to other users, but that they shouldn't tag imagery or other general sources per-element and instead tag it on the changeset? Thank you for agreeing ael.

I don’t believe I did “discourage” the use of source=* although I regret if I gave the list that impression.  I believe I said changeset comments noting the source of the data “largely deprecates” using specific source=* tags on each specific datum, because I have gotten in the habit of (and think it a good idea) keeping my changes to those which derive from a specific source (whether “official” data or not, as I’ll enter “personal survey” or “my own GPX tracks” if true) in a single changeset.  However, knowing it is true that this isn’t always the case, OSM does reserve the flexibility to say “from County of Foobar GIS Department” in a changeset comment while SOME data in that same changeset might contain individual source=* tags of “personal survey” or “GPS wander, 2020-11-17,” for example.  This isn’t a perfect system, I will not get sanctioned if I don’t enter the true source of every single datum I enter in OSM, but I do strive to identify my sources, less so individual-datum-at-a-time (though, I’ll still do that if there is the divergence I note here), moreso via a changeset comment that identifies that most or all of my data are from a single source (like one layer of satellite imagery, for example).


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