[Tagging] Tagging Cycle Route Relations vs. Ways

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> On Wed, Nov 18, 2020 at 12:09:40AM +0100, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> We have tags like source:name and source:outline for more specific
> tagging.

yes, every tag could get a source tag. It would mean a lot of additional
work for mappers, and the benefit would probably be very small. Usually
when you check an object for its correspondence with reality, you either
find the tags accurate or wrong, for various reasons they could be wrong,
most likely is a change of the thing in the real world. A source tag will
not help you with this. To me, the most interesting information when
looking at an edit is whether the person has been on the ground or not.
source=Bing does not really tell you this, because many people use it when
they are adding information and Bing is visible in the background, but it
does not mean that every piece of information that they add actually comes
from Bing.

> > From a practical point of view, I am mostly ignoring source tags, because
> > they are almost never accurate. Typically someone has added them some
> > versions ago and nobody in between has bothered to remove or update the
> > tag. To know this, you will have to dive into the object history anyway.
> Then  you are part of the problem :-) It is very annoying when the
> source tag is accurate until someone, nearly always an armchair mapper,
> who comes along and changes things without updating the source tag.

Most source tags I see are source=Bing and when I add information from a
survey, I either do not change it, or sometimes I remove it because it is
not valid any more at this point.

> Let's encourage people to use the source tag properly rather than cause
> further decay. Or come up with a better solution, which is definitely
> not a changeset comment.

the changeset "comments" are actually structured tags, and from past
discussions it is the preferred way over source tags on individual items.
Source tags on items are the older method, they have already proven to fail
in real world conditions in OSM ;-)

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