[Tagging] lanes - is "parking allowed" a parking lane?

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Thu Nov 19 22:51:59 UTC 2020

Okay, but the data consumer won't know how you reached that decision (to 
count it or not). So whoever attempts a visualization of the data will 
have no idea whether to put the parking lane next to the rest of the 
street or put it "on top" (see
https://westnordost.de/misc/parallel_parking_lane.png )

This is not only an issue with visualization, also routers will want to 
know if parking cars effectively reduce the usable width of the road by 
the width of a car, or not.

This is why I initially stated that I see the need to distinguish these 

On 19/11/2020 23:17, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> The way I understood the tagging guidelines was that if there was nobody 
> parked there, could you drive along the lane as usual. If you can't then 
> I wouldn't include it as lanes=* and only tag it as parking:lane. If you 
> can drive along it when vacant, but you can still legally park there 
> then I'd include it as lanes=* and also tag parking:lane.
> It's common that during peak hour the lane is used by traffic, but 
> off-peak it's available for parking.
> On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 at 01:22, Tobias Zwick <osm at westnordost.de 
> <mailto:osm at westnordost.de>> wrote:
>     Hello all
>     First of all, in the past, we have explored many edge cases for the
>     lanes-tag in various discussions and I am happy that for the most part,
>     it seems to be quite well defined by now. However, there is one edge
>     case which is not uncommon at all but still unclear or awkward to tag.
>     Look at this:
>     https://westnordost.de/misc/2or1lanes.jpg
>     <https://westnordost.de/misc/2or1lanes.jpg>
>     It is a residential road marked clearly for 2 lanes, so it seems
>     obvious
>     to tag it with lanes=2. But on the other hand, you'll notice that there
>     are parking cars on the right side that effectively render the right
>     lane unusable. These parking cars would (currently) be tagged I
>     believe as
>     parking:lane:right=parallel
>     parking:lane:right:parallel=on_street
>     And the wiki states
>       > And the following lanes should be excluded:
>       > [...] Parking lanes [...]
>     So here is an ambiguity in the documentation. On the one hand, if the
>     road has marked lanes, the number of marked lanes should be tagged, on
>     the other hand, there are these kind of "parking lanes" which do not
>     have their own space marked as a parking lane but simply absorb the
>     space assigned to normal car traffic. In OSM tagging, these are also
>     "parking:lane"s as far as I know.
>     We need to dissolve this ambiguity by defining a way how to distinguish
>     between these two cases:
>     https://westnordost.de/misc/parallel_parking_lane.png
>     <https://westnordost.de/misc/parallel_parking_lane.png>
>     (1) a dedicated parallel parking lane. This lane should not count as a
>     lane in the lanes-tag.
>     (2) (parallel) parking is allowed (and used). This should be irrelevant
>     for the lane count.
>     My suggestion would be
>     (1) parking:lane:*:parallel = lane
>     (2) parking:lane:*:parallel = on_street
>     Maybe especially those who recently involved themselves with parking
>     lane tagging out and about and its documentation could also state their
>     point of view here. According to the wiki edit history, looks like at
>     least Mateusz Konieczny, Supaplex030 and Minh Nguyễn were active.
>     What do you think?
>     There is also at least one data consumer I know about that is using
>     parking lane information and displays it visually,
>     https://github.com/dabreegster/abstreet
>     <https://github.com/dabreegster/abstreet> it would be good to know how
>     they interpret and visualize the data.
>     Cheers
>     Tobias
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