[Tagging] RFC: vaccination / COVID-19 vaccination centres

Niels Elgaard Larsen elgaard at agol.dk
Wed Nov 25 16:48:28 UTC 2020

På Wed, 25 Nov 2020 13:34:24 +0000
Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com> skrev:

>As an aside, it's probably worth explaining why people sometimes say 
>that OSM isn't a place for one-off temporary things 

I mostly use OsmAnd. I update it every month, but that is of course
mostly because i want to my own edits.

I have added a lot of POI's. Mostly restaurants, cafes, bars etc.
Some are pop-up restaurants, beach bars that might not be there next
year, etc. Usually I add them because it is useful for users if they
have for example agreed to meet in a specific bar. If there are lots of
other options around there is little risk of annoying users.

If it is in the middle of nowhere, we should be more careful.

Currently everything in Denmark have to close at 22:00, but I leave
opening hours for bars and nightclubs that are open late and even add
later hours based on the establishments websites, because:
  1. offline use.
  2. I could not promise to revert them all back to normal then
  covid19 is over and I doubt that other mappers would.
  3. It could change any day to 20:00, 23:00 or something else.
  4. It would add no real information anyway because *everything* has
  to close at 22 and everyone here knows it.

Many places are closed because of covid19. I do not delete them but add

>(for example, a 
>music festival that usually happens over a couple of days, once a 

I see nothing wrong in mapping recurring events if they are tagged with
something like opening_hours=Jul Sa[2],Su[2]
or even:
 opening_hours="a weekend in august",website="https://xxx.example.org"

No one will be traveling to a music festival unless they know that it
is on. But if you are going there, it is useful to have in OSM.

>  The reasoning goes that although some people look at OSM data 
>"live", many do not.  Many (perhaps most) 3rd-party consumers of OSM 
>update only rarely, and by definition all offline apps show data as it 
>was at some point in the past. If the data that they grab happens to 
>coincide with a temporary event in OSM their users will be very

Only if it is not tagged as a temporary event or with specific dates.

>There comes a point, of course, when a "temporary " thing is worth 
>mapping.  I've mapped https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/601820045 as 
>closed because it's been that way for a couple of years and (despite
>the council signage) is pretty unlikely to be sorted out in the next
>few weeks.

For me the most difficult to handle is roads.
I was just driving on motorways that had roadworks lasting to next
summer, changing max speed from 130 to 80. But other times I discover
low max speed from road work that was finished a long time ago.

I would like a good way to tell routers that for the next couple of
months to expect going at half speed on a stretch of road.

>At what stage something changes from a "one-off temporary" thing to 
>something definitely worth mapping is a question worth discussing,

I think that covid19 vaccinations centers are important enough.

We also have a lot of Olympic villages in OSM.

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