[Tagging] Feature Proposal Rejected - RFC - Admission

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 15:43:47 UTC 2020

 Results: 1 approved, 6 opposed, 3 abstained.


No one was opposed to the core idea of the Admission proposal, just
technicalities. So we should go over them and later try again:

1. access=admisson
This was the biggest problem, five voters opposed because of it. People
were asking why not the more established access=customers or access=permit.
I thought about access=admission to be an entrance into the admission
scheme, after which the router searches for the relation. But maybe that
isn't needed, so mappers can put access=customer, access=permit, or
access=admission if it passes in a separate proposal. Wiki user Lectrician1
proposed access=customer + customer=admission which sounds ok for when
admission is not free.

2. the word "issue" for role
Three voters thought this word is strange for a place that gives you
tickets or other admission tokens. They thought "issuing_place",
"issuing_authority", "issuer", "ticket" or "voucher" would be better. I
still think "issue" is the easiest to remember, and to combine in different
tags like issue:website=*.

Thanks for your comments,
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