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>Niels, thanks for the list.

>I was able to find examples and existing tagging for most of the values you
>noted as missing, and I've updated the proposal to add them.  I did already
>have a value listed dangerous intersection (hazard=dangerous_junction, 400

>The one you listed that is not clear is the one that you describe as
>"dangerous road edge".  The linked sign looks more like a "soft verge" or
>"soft shoulder" sign, and there are no existing tag values that I can find
>for this type of hazard.  There is a small number of usages of
>hazard=uneven_road, however that sign usually looks something like this:

>There is also a small usage of hazard=cliff, which has particularly fun
>signs, notably:

I thought that was for a harbour, or jetty with no guard rail (rather than a cliff).

I am not sure whether that is to warn a person (at the top of the cliff) that they might fall down, or to warn a person on a road or footpath (at the bottom of the cliff) that a person might land on top of them!
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