[Tagging] Proposal to change key:man_made to key:human_made

Robert Delmenico robert at rtbk.com.au
Thu Oct 15 00:54:07 UTC 2020


I'm proposing that we change the man_made tag to human_made.

I feel it is a discussion that we need to have as there seems to be little
discussion to date.

This is my first proposal so forgive me if i've missed something out on the
proposal page.


I understand that there are around 4 million tags with man_made on them and
it would be a huge task to change them all, but perhaps if this is
considered for future tagging.

I also understand that generally speaking the use of man_made is
commonly accepted as a gender neutral term, but in reality it has been
adapted that way due to past practices of gender bias.

Regardless of the outcome of this proposal, this is a worthy discussion to
be had in my mind.

Looking forward to your feedback


Robert Delmenico
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