[Tagging] OHV greater than 50 inches (wide)

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> > OHVs > 50
> is there also an upper limit?

No legal upper limit that I am aware of. In practicality, the wider (and
longer) a vehicle is, the more difficult it is to use it to travel on 4wd
roads. There is also the practical limitation that these things have to be
trailered to the area where they are going to be used since they are not
highway legal, and there are limits to the width of a trailer you can have
on public highways.

50” are 127 cm, so that’s to say wider than a motorcycle?
Yes.  And, by the FS' classification, wider than an "ATV"

> Is the question whether “off highway vehicle” would merit its own subclass
> for access?
ATVs, and motorcycles that are not licensed for highway use are "off
highway vehicles" too according to the FS (if I am understanding the
regulations correctly).

So my question is,  is there an existing tag, or combination of tags, that
would represent this information? If not, what would be an appropriate new


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