[Tagging] Biker’s rests

Grzegorz Szymaszek gszymaszek at short.pl
Fri Sep 4 17:45:11 UTC 2020


At some bicycle crossings in some cities there are “biker’s rests”
installed that cyclists can support on while waiting for the green
light. They look like [1], [2], or [3].

I could not find any existing tag for this furniture. Do you know of any
way of tagging them? Do you consider them worth adding to OSM?

[1]: https://farm5.static.flickr.com/4041/4271442334_95e966f057.jpg
[2]: https://www.rybnik.eu/fileadmin/_processed_/a/2/csm_skrzyzowania_rowery_dagmara_kubik_2_7046439b78.jpg
[3]: https://nola.se/wp-content/uploads/BIKERS_REST_slussen_web.jpg


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