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Am 21.09.2020 um 14:54 schrieb Paul Allen:
> On Mon, 21 Sep 2020 at 11:06, Supaplex <supaplex at riseup.net 
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>     The problem remains that physically non-existent road crossings
>     ("wildly crossing the street"), which in reality represent a
>     crossing possibility for many users, are still not available for
>     routing. In my opinion, this problem is not very relevant if
>     separate ways are well mapped (which they often are unfortunately
>     not!) and all essential routable connections are in the database.
>     At the beginning and at the end of the route, people can use their
>     brains ("destination across the street") if their routers do not
>     solve this task for them.
> This isn't as simple as you make out.  Assume that I am at point A and 
> wish to
> go to point B, which involves a "wild crossing" at some point between 
> the two.
> However, there is a real crossing at point C, a mile beyond point B,  
> A router
> will direct me to travel to point C (a mile further than my 
> destination) in order
> to cross the road there, so I can then walk a mile back to B.

You really walk a mile beyond and back again, knowing your destination 
is - say 10-20 m - across the street?
Or do you not know that your destination is at the street you walk along?

I call those assumes a 'theoretical island problem'.
a) Your point A is as near at point B, that you know or can estimate 
where you have to cross.
b) Your point A is so far away from point B , that there is - or at 
least should be mapped - another possible crossing before ('virtual' 
connection at a T-crossing or similar) .
c) Most routers have a display - and the view should show your 
destination (or route path to) across the street.

Maybe my view of a) and b) is a bit european centric - but I assume 
foreign cities would match and for foreign countrysides the seperate way 
problem would not apply.

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