[Tagging] Linking Sidewalks to Highways

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Tue Sep 22 17:08:34 UTC 2020

On 21-09-2020 12:02, Supaplex wrote:
> The main categories of the highway, "name" and its classification like
> "primary/secondary", can be assigned to the separate way with Keys like
> "sidepath:of" or "sidepath:of:name". Other values like "lit" should
> anyway be tagged directly on the separate way.

I like sidepath:of:name.

sidepath:of:name would have the benefit of solving another issue with
mapped parallel ways that conceptually belong the same 'road'; it would
give (pedestrian, cyclist) routers a name (and a reference to the nearby
feature containing all name-tags) to use in the instructions, while
renderers can avoid them.

The current practice for parallel footways is to leave them unnamed, but
this chafes a bit because they do tend to share the name of the way
mapped in the centre of the full road (or rather, the whole 'road' from
sidewalk to verge to street to cycleway to sidewalk is usually what is

Explicitly naming sidewalks and all other parallel ways makes for a
maintenance burden and would create a very busy rendering on most map
styles without really benefiting the user, but sidepath:of:name means
only the name-tag has to match (any other tags such as loc_name,
official_name, short_name, and name:xx can be left on the 'main' street


This sidewalk:
And this cycleway:

Would both get: sidepath:of:name=Grovestins

To declare them parallel ways of:
  (just one section of the longer road)

Also great for parallel bus/tram lanes etc.

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