[Tagging] Linking Sidewalks to Highways

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Wed Sep 23 09:01:36 UTC 2020

Am Mi., 23. Sept. 2020 um 10:47 Uhr schrieb Jeroen Hoek <mail at jeroenhoek.nl

> Granted, for footway=sidewalk renderers could omit the name.
> The sidepath:of:name approach has the benefit of more explicitly
> declaring a way a 'sidepath of' though, and works for cycleways,
> bus-lanes, etc. too.

it doesn't actually create a more explicit relation than does
footway=sidewalk name=foo
both ways of modeling it depend on comparison of the street name.
Both might fail when there are several streets with the same name, or when
there is a typo or other variation in one of the name (or sidepath:of:name)

> Mappers might also be rightly hesitant to name sidewalks explicitly,
> because it will make for many chaotic maps depending on the renderer.
> Tagging for the renderer is bad, but adopting an approach that causes
> widespread rendering issues isn't all that great either.

we have already discussed this, see your initial sentence. I believe that
renderers would adopt quickly if it became more widespread practice to add
names to sidewalks. There may be some issues during the transition time.
There are also significant issues from omitting the name (routing
instructions are typically not telling you the name of the roads on which
you are and which you have to follow, when you're on sidewalks or cycleways
along roads).

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